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Meeting Client Objectives:


After meeting with our Clients we come away with an understanding of the Clients needs.  Our clients may need design support in architecture, civil site development, structural design, electrical, or project management and coordination.  HGI has developed an approach that focuses on complete project delivery.  This involves taking projects from concept to implementation while integrating efforts with the Client staff to ensure on time delivery.  To minimize Client staff time while delivering projects conforming to Client standards and procedures, the HGI engineering and project management team will:


  • Act as an extension to the Client staff.

Ø  Provide engineering team personnel which require minimum Client staff oversight while delivering engineering documents consistent with Client standards and procedures.

  • Implement a solid management process which ensures flexibility, response, scope monitoring, estimating, scheduling, budgets and change control.

Ø  Project management approach will expedite and leverage the initial learning curve to assure on time on budget product delivery for subsequent project assignments.

  • Commit a team of resources to meet the Client schedule requirements.

Ø  Meet multiple, concurrent schedules, effective use of engineering resources improves project quality while maintaining budget and schedule.


The HGI approach to meeting the Client need is based on a process strategy.  The following table lists the key strategies and processes HGI will use to manage and control Client projects.


An Extension of the Client Staff:


Our Client may have a current or future need for additional resources to meet an increase in the projected capital funded or operation & maintenance workload over the next five to ten years.  This design and management assistance will only prove valuable when the Client doesn’t have to commit a contingent of Client staff to manage the consulting contract along with various assigned projects.  By working as an extension of the Client staff, the HGI team will deliver complete work products while taking responsibility for complete project delivery.  By taking responsibility, the HGI team effort will make their presence fully worthwhile for the Client.  To successfully work as an extension to the Client staff, HGI will provide our Clients with overall project coordination accompanied by a core team of regionally based licensed design professionals, management personnel and experienced technicians.


HGI maintained a service contact with large Puget Sound energy company in the areas of electrical transmission engineering, drafting, project management and cost consulting.  This arrangement over the past five and one half years contributed to the completion of hundreds of successful projects without the need to establish a formal branch office in Bellevue, Washington.  This contract arrangement significantly lowered the overhead for equally experienced/seasoned professional engineers and technical staff.  An added benefit to this arrangement has been the team synergy and continuity of efforts between this utility, the HGI engineers, and technical personnel.  Working out of the Clients office in Bellevue, Washington allowed the HGI engineers and technical staff ready access the utilities documents and systems which in turn have enhanced working closely with the utility staff for project reviews.  This work space agreement facilitated an accelerated turnaround time when responding to various request, resolving questions, providing work schedule flexibility, and improving bottom line costs while performing field work during projects design and construction phases.


Prior to mobilization the HGI team will familiarize themselves with the Client design or project management standards.  The intent of a review period is to prepare HGI staff for Client task work.  This preemptive review period has helped to shorten the initial HGI staff learning curve, while enhancing the overall support to the Client capital project design and management projects.


The following project flow diagram illustrates the HGI approach and level of involvement for a typical project performed under a service contract.  The Client will provide a higher level of overall direction and decision control while HGI gathers necessary project information, deals with various permitting issues, project design/drafting execution, oversees the construction processes, final project check out testing, system startup, and final system configuration and records documentation.

A Reliable Management Process:


HGI has developed reliable project management methods and successfully implemented them under current and previous general service contracts to establish a framework for streamlining the prosecution of multiple, simultaneous work assignments.  The following diagram outlines the key elements of our overall management approach.



HGI will work with the Client to develop a complete scope of work for our assignments, which will establish clear expectations and reduce misunderstandings and the potential for rework.  HGI will assign a Project Engineer for each project.  This Project Engineer will be the project point of contact between organizations, fully responsible to both the Client and HGI program manager for the implementation of the assignment.  This approach fosters the ownership of projects while ensuring continuity in taking the project from inception to completion.  A Project Engineer will be working under the direction of our program manager who will oversee project prosecution, be responsible for making necessary staff resources available to execute work, and assuring adherence to the Client standards.


Maintaining continuity in staff, to the extent possible, will also be very important.  By using the same personnel for similar (like type) assignments, HGI will shorten the learning curve from one project to the next, assure the quality of the work products over time, and reduce the need for interaction or interdiction with or by the Client staff, thereby saving time and money.


As is the case with general services contracts, the owner scheduling requirements will be driven by a combination of capacity needs and the sequencing relationship between multiple projects.  As a result, it is anticipated that project deadlines will at times overlap and several projects will need to be performed simultaneously.  To ensure that all projects under contract are completed on schedule even when there are concurrent deadlines, HGI will commit a multidisciplinary team of resources.  The HGI program manager will ensure that all project teams are sharing information and leveraging data gathering efforts and coordination with outside agencies in order to maximize efficiency.


It is anticipated that over the course of a services contract, additional resources will be required to meet peak workload times.  Staff resources can be made available with proper resource planning and ongoing recruiting.  Another strategy for meeting short project schedule turn-around is shortening the submittal review cycle by performing side by side reviews with Client staff during the design development.  On previous HGI projects, this type of team effort has proven to shorten the project approval cycle.


HGI has established a FTP site for the acceptance and delivery of Client documents and records.  The site is located at FTP://www.hanlongroup.com.  Access codes and method of entry to this site will be delivered to the Client upon notice of a support service contract award.

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